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what is geomarketeer?

Location Matters

Location-based technology is opening up a world of possibilities for marketers. Geomarketeer provides the spatial intelligence a business needs to truly understand and visualize market insights.

Today PIN Code / Locality territories cover large numbers ofpopulation with widely divergent consumer potential levels. Companies need to understand consumer segments at a much more granular levels to maximize ROI and improve business strategies. Geomarketeer provides micromarket data down to sublocality and building levels leveraging the power of geospatial analytics.

This allows organizations of any size to quickly get started with market research and data backed insights. By providing regular updates to the data, the platform is always up-to-date and relevant.
Users can edit the geography data layers by uploading own data such as customer or sales point locations for, retrieve individualcustomer / location catchment area profile data for advanced interpretations and analytics.

Geomarketeer India received the ReTech (Retail Technology)  2017 Innovation Prize by the Indian Retail Association (RAI).

It helps organizations answer questions such as:

Customer Locations

Where are the new customers coming from?

Income & Expenditure

What is the average monthly household income of existing and potential customers?

Distribution Centers

Where to place distribution centers to minimize costs and maximize reach?

Market Potential

What is the market potential in a particular catchment area?

Competition Analysis

How does a particular outlet or distributor perform with respect to the competition?

Sales Territories

How to optimally assign the sales and distribution territories?

What can geomarketeer do?


  • Visualize geo referenced data on an interactive map
  • Access to socio economic and lifestyle data
  • Market Segmentation of potential customers on a micro-market precision level
  • Perform location analytics using both internal and external data
  • Understand market coverage and Identify gaps if any
  • Integrate with enterprise business applications
  • Create heat maps, charts and graphs
  • Export Reports in CSV and PDF

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